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After being inundated with requests for SmashCakes from friends and family, Claudia launched her business four years ago and has amassed over 100 000 followers on Instagram, been a hit at hundreds of parties, and hidden over half a tonne of lollies and treats inside her irresistible chocolate domes.

The Bondi mother-of-three says she first fell in love with the idea of SmashCakes when she made one for her eldest daughter’s fifth birthday, ten years ago. “Since then I have made SmashCakes for almost every birthday party my kids have had,” Claudia said. “So if you do the maths, that’s three kids and a lot of birthdays since SmashCakes was born in our home.”

Drawing on her expertise as an artist and former graphic designer, Claudia has created everything from skulls and racing cars, to Coke and Sprite bottles and makes mini take-home SmashCakes right up to a massive 6.2kg ‘Everything But The Kitchen Sink’ creation. Claudia also caters for different themes and occasions, as well as corporate and gluten-free clients and ensures each handmade SmashCake is like edible art.


A self-confessed chocoholic, Claudia says she has created her dream business in SydneySmashCakes and says the best part of her job is watching the videos and photos sent to her by her clients. “Seeing everyone’s reactions when smashing their cakes is priceless,” she said. “A SmashCake is new, different, exciting and it’s interactive. You definitely have the wow factor when everyone gathers around the table and you go through the motions of smashing it. It creates energy and excitement and definitely takes a celebration to that next level.”

Next time you’re having a party, why not ditch the cupcakes for a SmashCake and...

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